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I <3 eddie!
WEll, i got to interview thrice! That was a blast n a half! Got to hang out with the aimster, lisa, n heidi, which was fun.Im in luv with eddie now, haha..Got to see mr.mark for like an hour. fun times.Oh! later is silent hero show.Yayness! Then, tommoro it is off to see my mum n sis! This has been a sweet weekend! Leave me comments , because they make me feel loverd! **Whoever reads this has got to join me at the silent hero show! They are the shiznit**

My first entry! Yay me!
So, thanks to a certain someone....here I am! Recording all my thoughts, so everyone can pick on me for them! Let's see....today was kinda a stressful day and, all because of monday.I was supposed to start my new job monday.Well, I came in early to start my new job (at the mall), and the chic wasen't there.She also failed to tell me how to get in. Holy fucksticks was i pissed.So, i sit there for an hour.Finally i got up and left.I called from a payphone and three times once I got home.She called me and got all pissy.Then told me i had to come back at 8 that night.Unfortunately enough i had a doctors appointment and other plans that night.Anyways to make a long story short......I came in this morning at 8 am, she then decided to tell me that Iwasen't too concerned about my job. Haha, now I know where people work when they don't graduate high school.


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