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Alleys Lil Wishlist Updated 3/28
 Here is a list of items I would REALLY like to swap for, or possible buy. Limited basis.  

Shoes :
Cute Black Boots size 9.5/10 
Flats Size 9/9.5

STERLING SILVER STAR ANYTHING (bracelets, earrings, necklaes)
Wrap bracelets
Long Necklaces

Mac Zazoom Lipglass
Benefit Creaseless Shadow In RSVP and Birthday Suit 
ANY Natural Lip gloss 
Philosophy ANYTHING

Hello Kitty Handbag!!
Funky Retro Print Handbag 

Size Large Tops (Big Chest)
Levis 504 Jeans 12 Long 
11/12 Longs (Pants) AT least a 35 inseam

Ed Hardy The Original (Any Size)
Calvin Klein Euphoria In Bloom (Any Size)
Philosophy The Fragrance (Any Size)

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hey girl! i'm just cleaning up my comments and was wondering if you're still interested in doing $11 shipped for these 3 items - plmk!:

brand new forever 21 black metallic braided forehead band. --> $2. (did you want black only? or both for $3.50?)
wet seal clear star diamond earring studs ($2)
Roxy tote!! ($5)

How about just the studs and the band?

that's actually too small of a purchase to benefit from unfortunately :/

Okay, well unless you want to swap I am going to have to pass on the bigger. I just lost my job, and I cant afford a whole lot!! Im so sorry

k it's no problem! i understand :] maybe another time, sorry to hear about the job :/

Yeah, Im sorry. I really want them. I just cant be irresponsible. And, as far as the job.. I live in Detroit. And, right now, we are the hardest hit. Our employment is 10 % higher on average then any other state. But, our entire city is suffering. We used to thrive off of the 'Motor City'. It is terrible.

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