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Scammers/Blacklist Updated 3/27
 I have only one so far. 

This girl tried to send me items that were clearly used, and worn through.

For a pair 85.00 dollar shoes.

In total all of what she sent me, was not even worth 50.00.

I have been messaged by othe members who have had problems with her. I should of listened. 

I also, have pictures of her supposed LIKE NEW items she sent.

I hate to name drop, but other should be warned about this scammer.

stealofadeal  has been banned from my journal

UPDATED **3/27

So this very unintelligent girl reported me to some scam lj? Idiot. I was going to leave things well alone. And , just leave what is posted above. But, this is nonsense. 

The last email (I have it saved if you would like to see it), said for me to keep the items she did not want her items back!! I emailed her at least three times since then, with no response. 

So, whatever chic. Youre a liar.  A scammer. And, you should be allowed to swap, buy, or sell on LJ ever again. 

Again, I HAVE ALL THE CORRESPONDENCE with her. Proving her guilt further. Pathetic. Really, I will pray for you. It's really sad when people who are fault, claim that the terrible things they have done to their victims, their victims have done to them and worse.  Liar.

Here, are all the pictures.....

 Here is the bag.. This was New she said.. There are scratches all over the purple hart at the center, as well as the black quilted portion. There are pearls missing in the purple hart. The bow on the base of the right handle is missing. The handles are supposed to all be shimmery purple, you can see that the handles are overly worn.



Then, here we have the sugar glitter eyeliner, which is not only less then full, but it has condensation on the inside of the tube. Gross. This item, as well was described as new.


And, the last us this tote bag. Which is/was supposedly a full size tote. It obviously is note. The star change pouch I put next to it for reference.


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just so you know, stealofadeal is also missgorjess

Yea, I saw that. Thank you.

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