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Rules And Other Boring Stuff!!!!!!Swap
First off.. HELLO!!! And, thank you for checking out my selling journal. I only have a few simple guidelines, and here they are..

1. Please, please, please, don't waste my time. I had to quit my second job, and I am doing this until my health improves and tests are done. No joke.

2. I will not hold items for more then 24 hours, UNLESS we communicate about it first.

3. All of my items are best offer, so please make honest and fair offers.

4. I promise that all items will be shipped out within 3 business days. And, a tracking number will be included on all packages to protect us both.

5. Take time to leave feedback, and know will certainly do the same for you!!

6. I will always document my items very well before, and after sending them out. Including honest descriptions, detailed pictures, and measurements per your request.

7. Once I have invoiced you for an item, you have 12 hours to pay before your items are released to the next interested buyer..

This is something I am doing to make money, but I will consider swapping. most important..Let's have fun!!

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Odds And Ends/Accessories Updated 07/22/12 New Items And Prices Reduced
 Here is where I will list all my odds and ends..


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Alleys Lil Wishlist Updated 3/28
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Scammers/Blacklist Updated 3/27
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For Sale/Swap Health And Beauty (ie Makeup, Lotion, Perfume, etc) 07/22/12 New Items Prices Reduced
Here is where I will list all beauty for sale/swap!! Best offer on all items!!

Please, click for list/pictures..
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For Sale/Swap - Jewelry Updated 07/22/12 Items Addded Prices Reduced
Here is where i will list all jewelry items for sale/swap.....All items are best offer....

Please, click for pictures/list..
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FOR SALE/SWAP ** Bags And Shoes Updated 07/22/12 Prices Reduced
Here is where my bags and shoes will be listed for sale/swap...

Please, click for pictures/list ..

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FOR SALE/SWAP .. Clothing Updated 07/22/12 Prices Reduced Items Added
I have decided that starting a LJ for all of the stuff I have for sale may just make this a little easier..Here Is what I have for sale 


please, click for pictures/list..
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Please, comment here after we have completed a sale/trade!!!



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